Ashley, Esthetician

    Fun Facts:

    1. If you could plan your ultimate vacation, where would you go? Scotland or Dubai.
    2. What is your favorite pizza toppings? Pepperoni & Pineapple!
    3. What is your favorite dessert? Vanilla Tres Leches!
    4. What was your first job? Video Store Clerk, back when they were still around!
    5. A specific thing that I’ve done to impress myself? Went through boot camp with the Air Force!

    I am American French Canadian born in Gainesville, FL. I have been an Esthetician since 2006 where I graduated from Florida Gateway College and now live in Ft. Lauderdale. I am a Master Esthetician and have waxed over 14,000 men, women and teens. This is truly my passion, and when I'm at work I don't feel like I am. I am best known for my speed and making clients feel very comfortable, walking them through the process.

    Language(s) I speak: English


    Angela, Esthetician

    Fun Facts:

    1. Name three things people don’t know about you. I’m sensitive, intuitive at times and smarter than you think!
    2. What is your favorite time-wasting website? I browse coupon websites for organic foods.
    3. What was your first job? Believe it or not, a Sonic car-hopper; without the skates, thank god! It’s really hard to balance all those drinks even without skates.
    4. If you plan your ultimate vacation, where would you go? I would have to say Egypt or New Zealand, hopefully both one day.
    5. How did you get into waxing/being an Esthetician? I initially was going to school for massage then switched to skincare when I found out more about the program. I always had a knack for skincare anyways.
    6. What specific thing have you done that impressed yourself? I finish whatever I start!

    I am originally from the Big Easy. I miss home and visit once or twice a year when I can. I am currently in school for Chinese medicine and acupuncture. I hope, one day, to specialize in skincare with traditional Chinese medicine. My skincare techniques would be described as detailed and gentle. Anything less would not be perfect.

    Language(s) I speak: English


    Amy, Esthetician

    Fun Facts:

    1. How did you get into waxing/being an Esthetician? While in beauty school for my full specialist license I fell in love with waxing. I had all the students requesting me for brows; it felt great.
    2. If you plan your ultimate vacation, where would you go? Australia
    3. What was the first live concert you ever attended? Zeta Fest over 10 years ago!
    4. What was your first job? My first job was at a flower shop, I worked as a secretary.
    5. What are your favorite pizza toppings? I’m torn between Hawaiian (ham & pineapple) and all veggies.

    I was born and raised in Miami, FL. I come from a Hispanic background. I currently live in Hollywood, FL. I attended Beauty Schools of America in 2009. I love to wax in general; however, my favorite parts would be the larger areas such as legs, arms, stomach, etc.

    Language(s) I speak: English & Spanish